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Bert's Diner
Ratings and Reviews

Bert's Diner
8972 Grant Line Rd
(916) 686-6622

Total Rating
Rating: 8.33
Based on 3 votes

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2007/8/15 22:25:19
Rating: 8.33
Rating: 10

You have to understand Bert's...
"Most of the patrons have been coming for years. Good hearty food but don't expect anything gourmet. Very family friendly and the waitresses are wonderful. Feels like home (but I have been going there for 21 years!). Breakfast is the best, get the "special skillet""

2007/1/6 0:36:12
Rating: 8.33
Rating: 7

2005/8/20 22:37:46
Rating: 8.33
Rating: 8

"This is not a Mexican restaurant. Breakfasts are great."

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Bert's Diner Ratings and Reviews

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